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Fed-up artist Martin Backes has invented the perfect headgear to frustrate internet spies - a balaclava that's been pre-pixellated to fool CCTV cameras.

Backes - from Berlin, Germany - says he dreamed up the headgear because he was tired of being spied on by net services like Google's Street View or security video networks.

"It's media camouflage for the internet age for people sick of photos on sites like Facebook or worried about showing up on Street View," he explained.

"I don't think it's creepy. It's a statement about privacy," added Backes, who's dubbed his mask Pixelhead.

To create the balaclava, Backes pixellated a photograph of the face of German's Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich, who has overseen a massive rise in the use of CCTV in Germany.

But critics say it could give crooks and street thugs ideas about escaping detection.

"Cameras are there for everyone's safety. People have no reason to hide their faces if they've done nothing wrong," said one.

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