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Sex Change Singer Kims You Tube Hit

Kim Petras' cover of the Chris Brown song Don't Wake Me Up reached almost half a million hits this week. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9aA3DwOqHvk

It's a remarkable achievement for the German-born singer given that she has reached her worldwide fan base largely on her own initiative.

Despite the fact she recorded it at home the video has by far the most views for a cover of the song on You Tube.

Blonde Kim, 20, recorded it herself doing the backing vocals on her PC at her home in Cologne, Germany, then playing them back over the finished version. By the time she had uploaded the song it had taken a total of about two hours work.

Celebrity columnist Pertez Hilton was among those to rate it, he features her regularly on his pages, telling readers "Everyone should love a singer who knows how to be her own back up singer".

He described Kim's Demi Lovatzo cover http://perezhilton.com/2012-09-13-kim-petras-cover-demi-lovato-give-your-heart-a-break-youtube-video-watch#.UIJ2E2ea_AM as "Layers upon layers of a single, supreme voice making for one AWEsome Demi Lovato cover" and added she was one of his fave YouTube sensations - with a "magical touch".

Kim was also chosen as the hottest act out of Germany in a world music survey in the LA Times in its "The World Is Our Playlist". Speaking of the song she wrote herself called "One Piece of Tape" the paper said: "She wrote this in two hours. Pads and pumping beats blend with her angel-like voice, combining a state-of-the-art club sound with traditional song writing to spread the word of tolerance."

But aside from music professionals even the comments under her music show how her support is growing: "I love your voice", "she is amazing", "This is like my 100th time listening to her. AMAZING!!".

They are a far cry from the often abusive rhetoric Kim used go get when she first ventured onto the internet - that is because Kim was born with a boy’s body, and through a mixture of determination, luck and an amazingly supportive family and friends has become not only the girl she always knew she was - but also an accomplished singer and performer.

She has been a guest on the red carpet at celebrity events in her native Germany, been asked to perform at big name festivals and clubs across the country, signed up as a song writer for universal and notched up an impressive array of music business contracts - starring on the Sony Playsation DanceStar Party where only 40 other tracks including Lady Gaga and Rihanna were chosen - and in an advert for Deutsche Telekom.

But for Kim's media manager Michael Leidig, a British journalist who agreed to help manage the press enquiries as a favour to her father when she was just 14, the thing that is most amazing is not that she has done so much on her own, but rather why it has taken so long for Kim to get a proper record deal.

He said: "I had a good relationship with her father Lutz at the time Kim went public with her story, she wanted to get public support for her right to choose to be a girl and her dad, an architect, was overwhelmed with the amount of interest from the media. It was clear that her parents and Kim needed to make sure it was handled responsibly and so I agreed to help.

"That interest in Kim has never waned, but whereas at the start people only wanted to know about the transgender issue, now most of the calls from the media are about her music, or from fans or event organisers. At the moment she is filming with a major music TV channel about her work. Yet despite all that, what I am really surprised about is that given her success and her talent, why it is taking so long for her to finally be signed full time?"

One London-based music label manager told the CEN newswire that any singer with a fan club of 20,000 would have no problems being signed by a major label.

But Leidig said that claim made the fact that Kim was still not on a full contract all the more difficult to understand.

He said: "When Kim had a MySpace page she notched up a million followers, when we opened a web page for her I made the mistake of hosting it on our news server, which crashed our operation for a week until we moved it somewhere that could handle the capacity.

"I am not a music industry professional but she ticks all the boxes, she has the talent, the looks, the personality and the fan base - and it seems that the only thing that is holding her back is that the music industry despite the creativity and imagination it has lacks imagination in the potential of working with someone like Kim, and in this respect is far more conservative than you would expect.

"We get calls wanting Kim to attend events, do gigs, and to work with songwriters and musicians around the globe either solo or in a partnership. But as a media outlet its not our business and we aren't equipped to deal with it.

"The whole issue of transgender children is perhaps the last great taboo and Kim has put it sharply into focus, and it seems that everyone is scared to make a move and waiting around to see what the rest will do. And that is great shame for her.

"I've worked with her now for over six years and for me Kim has never been anything other than what she is, six years ago that was a girl with a passion for music and now she is a young woman with that passion for music if anything even stronger.

"I've seen the bullying and the mobbing and I know that because of her past she will always face prejudice, even if its less of a problem now because she has so many fans than it was before, but its still going to be difficult for her in many ways in the future. All she wants to do is write and perform and if she can do that it will all have been worthwhile.

"If anyone can make it work it would be Kim, she single handedly managed to get a change in the rules in Germany to allow her to become the girl she always knew she was. When you talk to her its hard to tell she is not a native English speaker, in fact she learned the language so she could write English lyrics to her songs from watching Oprah on the TV. And now she's tackling her music career with the same determination. Despite the fact she's only 20, she's already achieved so much.

Kim however denies that she sees herself as young, saying: "People tell me I'm young but I feel old - I've had a lot of things to get through - it's taught me to have faith in your own judgement and to take responsibility for your own future - and I've been lucky to have really good friends and family to support me."

Leidig added: "I travel all over the world to meet remarkable people but I haven't often met anyone with as much drive and single-minded determination as Kim.

"She has done a lot not just in winning the right to live her life as a woman, but she has had a lot of modelling and fashion work, she was the face of a German hairdressing chain and was the model for several designers as well as putting some of her own clothes on the market, but the bottom line is that music is her driving force, its her life and her passion and its all she wants to do, and she's good at it. All we now need to do - and it is a big all - is to find a partner who shares that vision."

German Herald

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